UGoveRN: Enhancing cutting-edge governance knowledge

UGoveRN is an international network of scholars and researchers committed to advancing the field of urban and regional governance. The network was founded in 2019 by Professor Tuna Tasan-Kok, who recognized the need for a fresh approach to governance in today’s rapidly evolving cities and regions. She leads the network together with Dr. Sara Özogul and Andre Legarza.

At UGoveRN, our mission is to drive innovation and change by supporting and creating pioneering urban governance research. Our research centers around four research themes (urban planning, property markets, spatial regulation, and law and policy), and our interdisciplinary research approach combines diverse fields such as urban planning, public administration, law, and real estate. 

Our interdisciplinary perspective and close links to practice ensure that we deliver not only academic excellence but also practical, hands-on advice to those working in the field. We understand that today’s cities and regions require a new approach to governance, and we are dedicated to being at the forefront of this change. 

I launched UGoveRN to help bridge disciplinary focuses on the topic of urban governance, with the underlying aim to build strong and long-lasting relationships and innovative insights between researchers and practitioners in the field.

Prof. Tuna Tasan-Kok, Chair of UGoveRN
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What We Do

We excel in creating connections between different academic disciplines, share our work with each other, and critically evaluate the latest governance research.
Collaboration is key to success. By combining our knowledge and enthusiasm, we leverage our network and skills to create joint projects and novel research (funding) proposals.
We strongly emphasize the importance of learning from real-world experiences and actively engaging with governance practitioners.
We are passionate about supporting early career researchers. To help them become skilled governance researchers, we organize training sessions and targeted seminars.

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