Apply for Membership

We are always happy to expand our network of interdisciplinary researchers interested in urban and regional governance!

UGoveRN membership is application-based and subject to annual review as the network strives to be an active, membership-driven platform.

Prospective members should indicate clearly what they would like to contribute to UGoveRN, which could range from organizing internal discussion sessions, establishing a reading club, inviting external practitioners, writing blog posts, creating a webinar series, hosting a podcast episode, engaging in a specific funding application with other UGoveRN members, etc. 

Therefore, as part of your application, please submit the following:

  • A short motivation outlining why you would like to join UGoveRN (200-500 words)
  • A short project proposal or idea that you would like to implement with the help of UGoveRN (200-500 words)
Please send your application to 

We are evaluating all applications as soon as possible.