UGoveRN leadership

The Urban Governance Research Network is led by a management team consisting of:   

  • UGoveRN Chair: Prof. Tuna Tasan-Kok, University of Amsterdam
  • UGoveRN Head of Research: Dr. Sara Özogul, University of Groningen
  • UGoveRN Head of Academics: Andre Legarza, University of Amsterdam

The management team is responsible for developing annual activity plans and objectives, providing support for all members’ activities, initiating new projects, and overseeing the overall direction of the network and its research.

UGoveRN Management: Sara Özogul, Tuna Tasan-Kok, Andre Legarza

UGoveRN membership

UGoveRN membership is application based and subject to annual review as the network strives to be an active, membership-driven platform. 

Prospective members are required to clearly indicate their desired contributions to UGoveRN, which can include activities such as organizing internal discussion sessions or a reading club, inviting external practitioners, writing blog posts, creating a webinar series or podcast episodes, and collaborating on specific funding applications with other UGoveRN members.

Current members are required to take the lead in at least one activity each year and are expected to actively participate in various projects and events initiated by other members. This setup fosters the development of lasting relationships and connections among UGoveRN members, motivates researchers to translate their ideas into action, and provides opportunities for members to showcase their work in academia, policy, and practice.

UGoveRN internship/apprenticeship opportunities

The UGoveRN management team receives regular support from research interns or apprenticeship students enrolled in the Urban Studies research master program at the University of Amsterdam.

Previous interns and apprentices have undertaken diverse tasks based on their interests.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship or spending your Urban Studies research master apprenticeship with UGoveRN, please contact us to explore potential opportunities. 

Please note that we are unfortunately unable to provide financial compensation for interns or apprentices.