UGoveRN regularly hosts interns and apprenticeship students enrolled in the Urban Studies research master program at the University of Amsterdam. If you are interested in pursuing an internship or spending your Urban Studies research master apprenticeship with UGoveRN, please contact us to explore potential opportunities. 

September 2022 - July 2023

Anna Hug

As a UGoveRN apprentice, I help with pre- and post-processing and the May 2023 International UGoveRN Networking Event. This involves planning an excursion and participating in brainstorming sessions.

I also enjoy attending all the UP Dialogues and UGoveRN seminars and I assist the online media team by scheduling, uploading, and creating/formatting content on various channels.

In addition, I conduct desk research on my master thesis ideas and qualitative content analysis on a dataset of private actor interviews.

Finally, I will write a blog post on a topic connected to the UGoveRN International Networking Event and/or personal research for social media.

January - June 2022

Zeynep Arica

As a research intern, I was trained in carrying out systematic literature reviews and worked on a systematic literature review on urban governance with other members to support the establishment of UGoveRN’s activities. 

Our literature review covered 484 articles across nine different social science fields, including Political Science, Economics, Public Administration, and Regional and Urban Planning, to understand the recurring concepts that are becoming more relevant within the urban governance discussion. 

I also participated in UGoveRN workshops as well as field trips. After my internship ended, I became a member of UGoveRN and I hope to contribute to communicate the work of the network and enhance its connections.

January - May 2022

Rohan Luthra

During my apprenticeship for UGoveRN, I cataloged various demographic, housing, and economic data within Amsterdam and the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam. I created a report and a presentation on the basis of the database to represent the Amsterdam housing story while focusing on periodic development across the region. 

Along with my fellow apprentice Ernst Vijsma, I also conducted a joint systematic interdisciplinary literature review on the topic of ‘Entrepreneurial property dynamics: understanding risk in urban planning literature’. 

Additionally, I was involved in UGoveRN workshops and brainstorming sessions.